In this series ‘Building STRAAT’ I’m trying to show the creativity at the NDSM-Wharf in Amsterdam. Particularly the developing of the place they nowadays call STRAAT Museum. I’ll show you the builders and the heroes who are trying to make the urban area a nicer place. Those creators standing on their scaffoldings, hovering above the earth in their aerial work platforms ar old school waving around their spray cans from a ladder. (2015 - 2020)


2016 OneTruth ( and AkteOne ( and Kobe join for this nice wall named ‘Swiss Knife’ in Berlin (Revaler Strasse building just behind REWE Warschauer Strasse). Dr. Drax and Pase of ONETRUTH are one of the most famous Swiss street artists.

Window Dressing

Exposition ‘Window Dressing’ together with Ymere in Amsterdam, op IJburg.


It was 2003-2004, when I shot this series. The city of Amsterdam decided to tear down old trainbuildings to let developers create a huge new appartment building. In the pictures you see a bunch of alternative and creative people living on site of the old traincargobuildings on Westerdokseiland. You could call them ‘last of the mohicans’, the last inhabitants of that area in the old situation. Wall by Juice and friends.


Kings Spray street art festival is taking place on The King’s Day in the Netherlands, which marks the birth of his royal highness King Willem-Alexander, Kings Spray is a graffiti culture event that brings together, national, local and international street artists and graffiti writers to Amsterdam. Kings Spray is taking place at the NDSM-shipyard on the northern banks of the IJ-river, right next to international street art and graffiti museum STRAAT. With over the years live painting of: Cranio (BRA), Fin DAC (IRL) (XX) Inkie (UK), Juice (NL), (NL), Kool Koor (NYC), Mark Gmehling (GER), Nash (NL), WOLFGANG KRELL (GER), Eelco van den Berg (NL), Dzia Krank (BE), Locatelli Steve (BE), Bustart (CH), Nuno Viegas (PT), Malakkai (ES), Eklor (FR), Deesaster (NL), Pipsqueak was here (NL), Kas Art (PT/BE), Mr Cenz (UK), Blade (US), Soy (CH), DOM1 (UK), Mick La Rock (NL), Jake One (NL), Love Letters Crew (NL, IT, FR, DE), Zedz (NL), Graphic Surgery (NL), United Painting (NL), Karski and Beyond (NL), Rasmus Balstrøm (DK), Cix Mugre (MX), Wonderdune (ES), Garrick Marchena (Aruba), Robert Solognier (Aruba) and many more.

KMDG Sneaker project

2007 Graphic design Studio Out of Order and Hongkong Stuntteam had a concept, Dutch artist collective KMDG have a dream to make their own sneakers, together the did. The boys and girls were in great shape, Brain a.k.a. Royalsteez, Daan (Naad Artworks), David a.k.a. DAVIDEO a.k.a. Mr. June, Hugo a.k.a. DHM, Jerry a.k.a. Gestift, Jolanda a.k.a, Yowi, Jorn Kruijsen, Klaas Wijnberg, Klaasz Breukel, Lon a.k.a. Delicious Ink, Marco a.k.a. Boxie, Marieke van Ditshuizen, Otto a.k.a. Ottograph, Sandor a.k.a. Juice, a.o. joined forces and make a huge canvas where later on the sneakers where made of. www.outoforder.n/SNEAKER-PROJECT