Boxie the humanitarian

Being absorbed in his own dreamworld Boxie makes drawing after drawing, getting more and more aware of the meaning of his personal visual language. What's keeping him occupied over the years is: how to share his experiences and what to do with it? He's constantly trying to express his astonishment that he's around altogether. This results is many projects (especially: SDWESMM), drawings, paintings, sculptures, workshops and other ways to reach his audience. www.boxie.nl

Passion for art

Rinske Dekker, Buff Monster, Masai, Bordalo II, Eva bartels, Herakut, Galo, Icy and Sot, Ben Frost, Ottograph.

Donovan Spaanstra's EARLY YEARS

"The Rembrandt of street art" a.k.a. Donovan Spaanstra a.k.a. Faith71. donovanspaanstra.com